Common cause of knee joint pain in patients in the 50+ age group is osteoarthritis. It is caused by general age related wear and tear leading to cartilage erosion and degenerative changes in one or both knee joints. Usually pain is felt while climbing stairs or walking. There may be difficulty in bending the knee fully. Mild form osteoarthritis is treated with weight reduction, quadriceps muscle strengthening and anti inflameatory medication. Genicular nerve Radiofrequency treatment is a good option to reduce knee pain. They are minimally invasive day care procedures in the form of injections around the knee.

They are especially useful in patients who are not keen on surgery or who are unfit for surgery. In severe cases, total knee replacement has to be considered.Younger patients with knee pain could be due to ligament injuries (ACL & PCL) or meniscus tears. Arthroscopic repair is the best option in these patients. Sometimes bursitis, Iliotibial band syndrome, tendonitis can cause knee pain.