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Cancer Pain


Pain in cancer patients could be very debilitating and compromises the quality of life. Pain could be due to cancer itself or due to secondary metastasis. Chemotherapy can cause some peripheral neuropathy. Treating pain in cancer patients improves disease prognosis. While the oncologists treat the primary cancer, patients may require a pain and palliative care physician for supportive therapy during recovery.

Mainstay of cancer pain treatment is medications like narcotics, paracetamol and adjuncts. If the pain is localized, pain relieving nerve blocks like celiac plexus, stellate, lumbar sympathetic blocks may be useful. Your pain and palliative care expert will suggest what is best for your care. Advanced pain modalities like intrathecal pump implantation is sometimes useful in select group of patients. Palliative care is important to improve the cancer patient’s quality of life.


Joint Pains







Why this Clinic

Best Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic

We have pain physicians, orthopedicians, neuro physicians, physical medicine and rehabilitation experts and psychologists in the same clinic. Infact the preliminary consultation can take up to 20 minutes with the doctor. So, patients get the best overall results.

Without Surgery Clinic

After thorough examination by the physicians, the treatment protocols include medicines, pain interventions or injections and rehabilitation exercises. Patients who want to avoid open spine or joint replacement surgeries can consult and get a second opinion from Synapse Pain and Spine Clinic.

Musculo skeletal pain clinic

Since the team includes pain physicians, orthopedicians, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, all musculo skeletal problems can be cured. Dr KP Kosygan has special interest in sports injuries and musculo skeletal orthopedic conditions.

Specialized Pain Clinic

Synapse Pain and Spine Clinic specializes in treating conditions like back pain, sports injuries, disc prolapses / herniations, sciatica, neck and shoulder pains, knee arthritis, joint pains, headaches / migraine, neuropathic pain, cancer pain and palliative care

Day Care Procedures

All procedures are performed safely on day-care basis under IV sedation. So patients can return home on the same day and return to work from the next day. Procedures include selective nerve root injections, radio frequency ablations, PRP injections, Botulinum toxin Type A injections, nerve and ganglion blocks, neuro modultation, etc. Safety and comfort of patients are paramount concerns in the clinic.

Best Physician quality

All the physicians are UK or US trained physicians. The consultants in Synapse Pain and Spine Clinic are also senior consultants in tertiary hospitals like Apollo Hospitals and Fortis Hospitals in Chennai. The bring their superior training and patient experience to this clinic. Infact, patients who have not been diagnosed properly in the previous attempts, can get themselves diagnosed and effectively treated.

Rehabiltation facilities

The clinic has an excellent team of rehabilitation experts led by Dr Vidhyasagar G. He is a renowned physical medicine expert specializing in posture corrections, monitored stretching and muscle strengthening exercises regimes. Effective physical therapy ensures all pain relief results are maintained in the long term.

Safe Pain Interventions

Synapse Pain and Spine Clinic has high quality procedure room for pain injections. All procedures are performed with image guidance for greater accuracy and safety. Dr Karthic Natarajan and Dr Vanmathy V, who are experienced pain physicians, have performed the maximum number of pain interventions in Chennai.